Science Zones

We have dedicated Science Zones within the venue to allow easy navigation once inside the event. Discover our specific science zones below.

Nature Zone

Come and meet and learn all about lizards, insects, snakes, bees, and all things nature. It's a hands-on experience not to be missed! Brought to you by the City of Unley. Exhibitors include a diverse range of organizations:

  • Animals Anonymous
  • Bugs & Slugs
  • Butterfly Conservation South Australia
  • Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries
  • Green Adelaide
  • Helen's Mini Worlds
  • Madie Fidgets
  • Marine Discovery Centre
  • Naturally Wild
  • SA Water
  • Soil Science
  • The Wilderness Society
  • Xannie's Bees

Each exhibitor offers unique insights and opportunities to interact with wildlife and conservation efforts.

Sports Zone

Join the Adelaide Crows for STEM Footy and have a kick with the pros in the Sports Science Zone. Test your skills and learn some expert tips from Adelaide Crows players. There may even be some exclusive Adelaide Crows merchandise!

Discover how science and sport come together to create extraordinary athletes and thrilling games. This is a must-visit zone for sports fans and science enthusiasts alike!

Esports Zone

The Australian Esports League will host an engaging gaming zone featuring a variety of esports tournaments presented by Inspiring SA.

STEM Day Out - August 2nd:

Our schools-focused day will run from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM and feature three thrilling tournaments:

  • Minecraft Capture the Flag: 8 teams will compete in strategic battles.
  • Minecraft Build Challenge: 20 teams will showcase their creativity and building skills.
  • Just Dance: Up to 64 students can participate and show off their dance moves.

Winning students will receive medals, and pre-registration is required for these STEM Day Out tournaments. For more information and to register for the STEM Day Out tournaments, please visit our website.

Robot Zone

Check out the thrilling live robot wars, where engineering marvels battle it out in an action-packed arena. Meet the talented robot engineers behind these creations and learn about the technology and innovation that goes into designing and building these incredible machines.

Exhibition Match Times (approx. 4 matches per session):

Exhibitors include a diverse range of organizations:

  • Australian Dalek Builders Union
  • Home Robotics
  • Makerspace Adelaide
  • Student Robotics Club of SA/Robo Roos

Each exhibitor offers unique insights and opportunities to interact with all things robots!

Space Zone

Explore All Things Space with activities and exhibits sponsored by the Australian Space Agency. Learn about the latest advancements in space exploration, try out space-themed VR experiences, and engage with experts about the future of space and technology.

Exhibitors include a diverse range of organizations:

  • Adelaide Section, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Astronomical Society of SA
  • Australian Space Discovery Centre
  • Fleet Space Technologies
  • Hamilton Space Academy
  • Robinson Aerospace Systems
  • The Andy Thomas Space Foundation

Defence Zone

Step into a world of cutting-edge technology and career opportunities in defence. Explore advanced technologies such as taking a thermal selfie, watching the drone racing team showcase agility and precision, learn about communication and information systems critical to defence operations, and step into the shoes of a defence professional with state-of-the-art simulators.

Exhibitors include a diverse range of organizations:

  • Australian Defence Force Careers
  • Australian Submarine Agency
  • Babcock Australasia
  • Cyber Hack
  • DAIRNet – AI Research Network
  • Defence Drone Racing Team
  • Defence SA
  • Department of Defence
  • Lockheed Martin
  • STEM Career Pathways
  • 144th Signal Squadron

Health Zone

Dive into the world of health and medical science with activities and exhibits sponsored by SA Pathology. Discover the latest in medical research and engage with healthcare professionals to understand the careers available within the science of health.

Exhibitors include a diverse range of organizations:

  • Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology
  • Australian Society for Medical Research
  • Australian Society for Microbiology
  • Forensic Science South Australia
  • Nutrition Society of Australia
  • SA Pathology

Energy & Mining Zone

Explore the cutting-edge world of energy and mining. From solar cars to rare minerals, there's something for everyone. Discover the latest innovations and technologies with our diverse range of exhibitors:

  • The University of Adelaide Solar Racing Team
  • ARC Centre of Excellence for Carbon Science and Innovation
  • Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA)
  • Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
  • Department for Energy and Mining
  • Office of Hydrogen Power SA
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • University of Newcastle - Science & Engineering Challenge

Career's Zone

Education Services Australia (ESA) is a ministerial not-for-profit company committed to making a positive difference in the lives and learning of Australian students. ESA works with all education systems and sectors to improve student outcomes, enhance teacher impact and strengthen school communities.

A key focus for ESA at Science Alive! is to introduce you to:

  • Maths Hub (Explore up-to-date and engaging resources for teaching and learning mathematics at school or at home)
  • The GiST (Girls in STEM - showcase STEM programs and activities relating to STEM and provide a range of role models for girls and young women)
  • DT Hub (Digital Technologies Hub - Find resources to help teachers, students and families learn about Digital Technologies)

The Careers Zone will also include the following:

  • Flinders University (STEM Day Out only)
  • Her Tech Path