Student Activities

Students have the opportunity to engage in STEM activities throughout the entire day

Check out what was on offer at our 2023 event, below

CLICK HERE for Fleet Exosphere Challenge

Do you want to understand the connection between space & mineral exploration? Improve your knowledge about waves playing with a Moire pattern animation illusion; bring it to the event & take part in the Exosphere Challenge. Place your Geode in the sand, connect to the satellite, analyse the data, & beat everyone to the punch identifying the minerals hidden in the sandpit! Exploration is changing!

Premiers Reading Challenge

STEM Reading and Design Challenge - Our Sustainable Future. The Premier’s Reading Challenge and partners are teaming up again to challenge students to read about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in the lead up to National Science Week. Projects will be on show at STEM Day Out!

Women In STEM

Friday August 2, 9:30am -11:30am Women In STEM Presentations. Group registrations a must! For senior high school (years 10 - 12) to join us for presentations from leading female scientists, engineers and professionals from a diverse range of STEM careers.

CLICK HERE for Lockheed Martin Australia - Hold the Load Challenge

Be a Structural Engineer! Structural engineers are a specialized type of civil engineer. They focus on designing strong buildings that can support their own weight and the weight of everything in them while also standing up to forces of wind, weather, temperature, and earthquakes. Work in teams to develop a free standing structure, 20cm tall min & holding a weight! Are you up for the challenge?

CLICK HERE for Babcock Australasia - Pipeline Challenge

This is an opportunity for intrepid learners to test their engineering skills as they build their own pipeline to transport a golf ball or a ping pong ball across the purpose-built, Science Alive! pipeline arena. What ingenious method will you and your team use to get to the end?

CLICK HERE for SA Power Networks - Stobie Pole Art Challenge

In this challenge, students design an artwork to attach to a Stobie Pole that tells a story or shares a message about renewable energy. As a group, increase awareness about sustainability and/or renewable energy in a positive way.

Mary Anning Art Prize

The Mary Anning Art Prize submissions will be on show at Science Alive! This prize is for young South Australian artists who have been challenged to create an original piece of artwork that tells us something about the prehistoric life of South Australia. Immerse yourself in the creative work of the next generation of Australian artists!

Oliphant Science Awards Open Day Display

The Oliphant Science Awards is excited to be hosting our entire Open Day at Science Alive! On display will be all the Models & Inventions projects plus the winning entries from all the other categories which includes Crystal Investigations, Games, Multimedia, Photography, Posters, Programming Apps & Robotics, Science Writing & Scientific Inquiry.

GooRoo Animation

Using whiteboards is a quick and easy way to create 2D animation. Your learners will create their own drawn animated sequence, captured with the Stop Motion Studio app. This activity guarantees to unleash the creative potential of young minds.

CLICK HERE for Lot 14 Paper Plane Challenge

Are you a budding paper engineer? Test your skills as you fold, flip and fly your way to victory in the Science Alive! Paper Plane Challenge. Build your own paper plane and then put it through its paces in the purpose-built paper plane arena. Be in the running to be named the Champion for longest distance flown.

Get Hands On With Army Drone Racing

The Army Drone Racing team are back in full force this year! Join the team as they show you how it's done with their precision drone skills and let you test your skills, whilst getting hands on!

Dr Quark Roaming STEM Day Out

Roaming STEM Day Out, witness Dr Quark performing feats of unicycling, juggling, rolla bolla and plate spinning to demonstrate the effects of gravity, momentum, friction, air pressure, energy transfer and push and pull forces.

Nitro Nat Wandering The Halls

Discover, learn and laugh with Nitro Nat as she wanders the halls looking for the next student to inspire at Science Alive's! STEM Day Out.

Bugs n Slugs

The team from bugs n slugs have been bugging Science Alive! patrons right from the start. Every year they bring an amazing array of incredible invertebrates that you can get up close and personal with. Getting bugged is not such a bad thing!

Animals Anonymous

Some of Australia’s amazing Aussie animals will be on site for an up close experience! Friendly native birds, reptiles, mammals and marsupials participate in a safe, interactive experience. Our awesome wildlife demonstrators teach you about the critters that call Australia home.