STEM Day Out 5 August 2022
We welcome the Oliphant Science Awards plus more to STEM Day Out 2022!

Student Activities

Your students will have the opportunity to engage in STEM activities throughout the entire day

Women In STEM

9:30am -11:30am Women In STEM Presentations. Group registrations a must! For senior high school (years 10 - 12) to join us for presentations from leading female scientists, engineers and professionals from a diverse range of STEM careers.

Mary Anning Art Prize

The Mary Anning Art Prize submissions will be on show at Science Alive! This prize is for young South Australian artists who have been challenged to create an original piece of artwork that tells us something about the prehistoric life of South Australia. Immerse yourself in the creative work of the next generation of Australian artists!

Oliphant Science Awards Open Day Display

The Oliphant Science Awards is excited to be hosting our entire Open Day at Science Alive! for the first time this year! On display will be all the Models & Inventions projects plus the winning entries from all the other categories which includes Crystal Investigations, Games, Multimedia, Photography, Posters, Programming Apps & Robotics, Science Writing & Scientific Inquiry.

GooRoo Animation Workshops

GooRoo Animation workshops give kids the opportunity to get creative. Get a taste of what it's like with their 10-minute movie challenge at Science Alive! Students will learn how to bring their clay or Lego characters to life using the magic of stop-motion animation. Plus so much more!

Soapbox Science

Students will have the opportunity to enjoy, learn from, heckle, question, interact with and be inspired by remarkable women and non-binary scientists. They will amaze you with their latest discoveries, and answer the science questions you have been burning to ask.

Get Hands On With Army Drone Racing

The Army Drone Racing team are back in full force this year! Join the team as they show you how it's done with their precision drone skills and let you test your skills, whilst getting hands on!

Ignite VR

Experience the potential of virtual reality! Immerse yourself in a new world using state of the art equipment with highly skilled technicians. It's an experience you won't forget. You'll engage your senses and learn something new too! Don't miss the Ignite VR team for a fun filled, educational experience.


CoLab's Darcey and Remy will be holding live podcasts throughout STEM Day Out. Get some zesty and hard-hitting career advice from some of SA's most successful science innovators!

Marty McBubble Roaming STEM Day Out

Roaming STEM Day Out, Marty will use his amazing variety of bubble gadgets, plus some humour to explain the scientific principles behind soap bubbles. An engagement of the natural sense of wonder with interactive bubbly experiments. Students will experience Bubble Volcanoes, Bubble Rockets, Bubble Cubes, Bubble Sculptures and even Bubble Icecream!

Nitro Nat Wandering The Halls

Discover, learn and laugh with Nitro Nat as she wanders the halls looking for the next student to inspire at Science Alive's! STEM Day Out.

Bugs n Slugs

The team from bugs n slugs have been bugging Science Alive! patrons right from the start. Every year they bring an amazing array of incredible invertebrates that you can get up close and personal with. Getting bugged is not such a bad thing!

Animals Anonymous

Some of Australia’s amazing Aussie animals will be on site for an up close experience! Friendly native birds, reptiles, mammals and marsupials participate in a safe, interactive experience. Our awesome wildlife demonstrators teach you about the critters that call Australia home.