Spectacular Shows

Spectacular Shows

Our 2022 Shows

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To download show times, click the title. Both Saturday and Sunday will have the same times and shows. All held on the main stage in the Goyder Pavilion. Not sure where that is? Just ask our friendly staff at our information desk on arrival or email the team enquiries@sciencealive.net.au

The Scientific Bubble Show

Marty will use his amazing variety of bubble gadgets, plus music & comedy to explain the scientific principles behind soap bubbles. An engagement of the natural sense of wonder with these interactive bubbly experiments. See Bubble Volcanoes, Bubble Rockets, Bubble Cubes, Bubble Sculptures and even Bubble Icecream! You'll experience them all in The Scientific Bubble Show!

Professor Flint’s Jurassic Poop

I poop! You poop! And yes, dinosaurs pooped! Have you ever stopped to wonder why though? Join world renowned poohleontologist Professor Flint in his brand new show, “Jurassic Poop!” How big was the biggest poop ever? The smallest? The stinkiest? Who was the first animal pooper? And what do we really mean by the Cambrian Explosion? A hilarious, seriously stinky & highly informative adventure.

Nitro Nat – The Phantastic Physics Show

The Phantastic Physics Show is a journey of discovering what makes things move. We explore energy and forces with Phantastic science demonstrations that you don't get to see everyday! High powered lazers, cannons that suck in the air around us and we finish with a BANG! This is a show for any age, small kids to big kids. Great for school aged kids!

Animals Anonymous Wildlife Show with Adrian Sherriff

With presentations designed to inspire a connection with the natural world as well as an appreciation for our unique and often fragile wildlife, Animals Anonymous engage children in a genuine, hands-on experience that leaves them with a sense of hope and knowing that they can make a positive environmental impact through biodiversity development and habitat preservation.