Our Exhibits

Naval Group

Naval Group is Australia’s international design and build partner for the Future Submarine Program. On our stand at Science Alive! you’ll be able to meet members of our team, build your own virtual submarine, take a submarine selfie and explore the exciting careers available with Naval Group Australia.

To find out more about the Naval Group, visit their website.

Scientific Expedition Group

At the Scientific Expedition Group’s exhibit you can learn how a mammal and reptile trap-line works on a biological survey, learn about the importance of ants in the natural world and find and count elusive stick insects in their natural habitat. 

To find out more about the Scientific Expedition Group, visit their website.

Flinders University

Could you help a driverless car navigate on a busy road? Test your communication skills to guide your friends through our driverless bus simulation maze; watch rolling science demonstrations, with an exciting new activity every few minutes; have your photo taken under our giant jellyfish.

To find out more about Flinders University, visit their website.

SAAB Australia

Pilot an underwater robot while learning about electronics and motors. Then look into a new dimension with our augmented reality headsets. It’s just like you’re really there! Talk to our talented team about how to turn ideas into products. 

To find out more about SAAB Australia, visit their website.

Animals Anonymous

Get up close and personal with some of Australia’s amazing Aussie animals! Meet our friendly native birds, reptiles, mammals and marsupials in a safe, interactive experience. Our awesome wildlife demonstrators will teach you about the critters that call Australia home.

To find out more about the Animals Anonymous, visit their website.

Australian Dalek Builders Union

At our stand you will meet daleks as well as meticulously crafted replicas (that sometimes come alive). Listen to our Daleks talk just like they do on tv. Younger fans can make their own mini-dalek.

To find out more about the Australian Dalek Builders Union, visit their website.


Kids will love this opportunity to make their own slime using a variety of different techniques!

Adults, never fear, all slime is given its own take-home bag (and all the clean up is on us!).

Young Scientists of Australia

The Young Scientists of Australia is extremely excited to be presenting to you our theme for this year; "The human body", where we will be showcasing a range of awesome and mind boggling experiments, demonstrations, and trivia related to the human body! Our stall will be showcasing everything from our DNA building blocks, to our organ systems, right up to how it all comes together to make us who we are!

To find out more about the Young Scientists of Australia, visit their website.


Questacon brings two travelling exhibitions to Science Alive this year! Enjoy, discover and explore principles of light, music and sound, human biology and health, force and motion, ecology and the environment, electricity and magnetism, human population and genetics with Science on the Move and get hands on with everyday scientific principles and problem solving puzzles Fascinating Science's logic, balance, fluids, illusions, and mathematical puzzles.

To find out more about Questacon, visit their website.

South Australian Museum

Meet South Australian Museum staff and scientists and learn what it’s like to work at the Museum. Dig for fossils in our dig pits and see which ones you can identify. The whole family will enjoy our display.

To find out more about the the SA Museum, visit their website.

Naturally Wild

Visit our stall and see a huge range of crystals, minerals, fossils, shells, sea-life and bugs for sale, from Adelaide’s own internationally renowned Natural History gift and collector supplier.

To find out more about the Naturally Wild, visit their website.

Switched on Kids

Switched On Kids sell educational toys that aim to stimulate educational learning. Come and see how our toys can engage and enhance your 3-15 year old's learning and fascinate young adults too.

To find out more about the Switched on Kids, visit their website.

Techspace Learning

Visit our interactive exhibit and see robotics displays that demonstrate the simplicity and flexibility of the Arduino microprocessor to build almost any gadget you can dream up. You are limited only by your imagination!

To find out more about the Techspace Learning, visit their website.

Marine Discovery Centre

The Marine Discovery Centre at Henley Beach is attending Science Alive! for the first time this year where they will bring the beach to you. Thinking of becoming a future Marine Scientist or an Ocean Warrior? Kids will love the hands-on Marine Habitat exhibit, microscopes and Virtual Reality headsets featuring South Australian marine life. There will also be a selection of local marine wildlife specimens, bones and shells on display.

To find out more about the Marine Discovery Centre, visit their website.

Bugs n Slugs

The team from bugs n slugs have been bugging Science Alive! patrons right from the start. Every year they bring an amazing array of incredible invertebrates that you can get up close and personal with.

Discover why getting bugged is not such a bad thing! 

To find out more about the Bugs n Slugs, visit their website.


Learn more about Australia’s University of Enterprise.

Visually explore STEM with UniSA. See displays that prompt creative thinking about innovations occurring in STEM and what the future might hold.



To find out more about UniSA, visit their website.

Hackerspace Adelaide

Do you love all forms of technology, electronics, programming, 3D printing, modifying tech and building stuff? Then you’ll love what our members have been up to!

Drop in and see our life size K9, retro video games, 3D printers, air cannon and lots of other creations.

To find out more about Hackerspace, visit their website.

Junior Field Naturalists SA

Take a break from the devices and bring the kids around for some nature-based games to play. It'll be heaps of fun! Plus we'll have displays of shells, rocks, insects, bugs  and animal skulls for them to see.

To find out more about the Junior Field Naturalists, visit their website.

The Curiosity Show

Rob and Deane will be on site to talk to Curiosity Show viewers, demonstrate some of the Curiosity Show's most popular segments and offer DVDs of Curiosity Show activities at a special Science Alive price as well as signed copies of Rob's Curious Recollections, a recent memoir of Life in the Curiosity Show. and Deane's science activities package, "Magic of Science" (book) and "Table Top Science" (DVD).

To find out more about the The Curiosity Show, visit their website.

Australian Society for Microbiology

The Australian Society for Microbiology is a not-for-profit organisation, formed in 1959 as a learned society devoted to furthering the science of microbiology. Be sure to stop by their stall to build your own bacteria, see glow in the dark bacteria, play a biofilm fighter adventure game, and look at the world under a microscope!

To find out more about the Australian Society for Microbiology, visit their website.


Micro-X, a leader in cold cathode x-ray technology for health and security markets will be at booth 11 during Science Alive!

Micro-X’s expertise in their proprietary cold cathode, carbon nanotube (CNT) emitter technology will be demonstrated via a display module, demonstrating the reduction in size and weight of a CNT x-ray tube when compared to a conventional x-ray tube. Micro-X will also have their second product, the Rover, on display, it’s a full performance, digital, mobile medical x-ray imager, and attendees will be able to experience the easy manoeuvrability, flexibility and extreme mobility of the product.  Micro-X Engineers will also be on hand to answer any STEM questions that attendees may have.

To find out more about the Micro-X, visit their website.

Adelaide Robot Combat

Adelaide Robot Combat is coming to Science Alive this 7-8 November! Get up and close see behind the scenes! Talk to the builders!

To find out more about the Adelaide Robot Combat, visit their Facebook group.


Whether you’re interested in the molluscs that build Shell Reefs, other marine life such as hermit crabs, barnacles, sea urchins, the marine invertebrates that define our unique  temperate waters marine ecosystems.


Maybe you just admire their natural beauty or enjoy eating seafood, or just want to know about their amazing lifestyles. If you are a beachcomber or citizen scientist,  student or teacher come along and discover more.  Whatever your level of interest, our friendly members can teach you more through our set of bioregional displays, charts and booklets.  

To find out more about the Malacological Society of SA, visit their facebook page.

Mini Pini Pinballs

This local small family business focused on eco friendly fun hits Science Alive 2020. 

Mini Pini Pinballs is a STEM project which is both fun for kids and adults alike. Designed by a local Adelaide teacher as a way of inspiring his students to build, design artwork and enjoy, the Mini Pini became a huge hit with his students and their parents alike both for entertainment and knowing the product is plastic free and 95% locally sourced (unfortunately no one in Australia manufactures marbles?!).  

Vic Martins’ passion and dedication shines through as he delights in watching kids time and time again put down their devices and enjoy the challenge that is this fun arcade game. Come and try for yourself at Science Alive 2020...your Mini Pini Pinballs experience is waiting for you. 

Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries

Did you know that South Australian reefs have more colour, diversity and endemic species than the Great Barrier Reef?  Jump in and join Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries Inc. (EMS) for a safe and supervised guided snorkel tour or virtual reality 360 video experience to learn more about our amazing marine life. EMS is run by a group of passionate ocean loving volunteers, many with a marine biology background, who are keen to share their knowledge and skills. 

To find out more about EMS, visit their website.

VEX Robotics

Join us at the VEX Robotics booth to learn more about incorporating robotics into your life.  We have free resources to support your journey including STEM Labs with mapped curriculum, Online Educator Certification, familiar programming language VEXCode in both block and text based, VEX VR (virtual robot) and learn more about our student centered competition.  Plus you will go into a drawing to win a $100 Visa giftcard.Two drawings to be made Friday November 6 at 11:00 am and 2:30 pm at our stand!

To find out more about VEX Robotics, visit their website.

Green Adelaide

Is your house the hottest one in your street or is it a cool place to be? Find out more about the issue of urban heat in the metropolitan area and check out your favourite landmarks around Adelaide using our heat mapping technology. Learn what Green Adelaide is doing, and how you can do your part, to make Adelaide a cooler, greener, wilder and more climate-resilient city.

To find out more about Green Adelaide, visit their website.

Southern Bricks Lego User Group

Come and see members of the Southern Bricks Lego user group and their creations. There will be moving parts, educational learning and mind blowing creations. Guarenteed to please both young and old. Make sure to keep an eye out for some LEGO MASTER guests.

To find out more about Southern Bricks Lego User Group, visit their website.


Do you like lasers? Black holes? Einstein? Chat to OzGrav researchers about our laser interferometer (we nicknamed it AMIGO) that works just like LIGO to detect gravitational waves. Check out our virtual tour of LIGO in Minecraft. Visit www.ozgrav.org/apps for some fun apps and resources.

To find out more about OzGrav, visit their website.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is Australia's most awarded 3D animation, game design and visual FX educator. Created as a non-profit organisation to grow the creative digital sector, AIE pioneered the development of specialist game qualifications and continues to innovate through industry partnerships and dynamic teaching.


AIE courses are practical, career-focused and delivered by industry experienced teachers in a seriously fun and creatively-demanding studio environment. AIE and its graduates have won many awards over the years including twice being named the Australian Small Training Provider of the Year (2007 and more recently in 2016).

To find out more about Academy of Interactive Entertainment, visit their website.

Lockheed Martin

Come and see Lockheed Martin Australia at Science Alive! We’ll have many interactive displays presenting some of our industry leading projects and the engineering behind them. One of these displays is our professional flight simulators showcasing Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky Aircraft including the famous F-35, MH-60K Black Hawk and many more!

To find out more about Lockheed Martin, visit their website.

Naval Shipbuilding College

Come and visit the team at the Naval Shipbuilding College and learn about the technology behind some of the world’s most advanced shipbuilding programs and the exciting careers available! Join in the fun with interactive activities and cool prizes!

To find out more about Naval Shipbuilding College, visit their website.