Science Alive - COVID Safe

We have made some changes to Science Alive! in 2021 to ensure that the event is COVID Safe:


  1. Science Alive! is subject to a COVID Management Plan, approved by SA Health.

  2. Public days have been split into two 4-hour sessions – morning and afternoon – to limit the number of people at the event at any one time to 3,750.

  3. Advance purchase of tickets is being encouraged to limit queues at the entrances on the day through discount pricing. Full refund of ticket price will be made if people are unable to attend due to COVID.

  4. Communication with all advance ticketholders will stress the need to stay away from the event if they are experiencing COVID symptoms.This will be reinforced by signage at the Adelaide Showground.

  5. Activities within Science Alive! will be modified to eliminate or directly clean any touchpoints.

  6. Access to the NAVAL Group Theatre will require a ticket and numbers will be strictly limited.Groups attending together will be seated together with two vacant seats left between groups.The Theatre will be completely emptied between each performance.

  7. Exhibitors will have their own COVID plans in respect to their displays and activities.

  8. First Aid personnel will be present at the event.

  9. Cleaning will be enhanced with a cleaner positioned at toilets to ensure cleaning and social distancing.

  10. Good hygiene will be encouraged by signage and public announcements.

  11. Sanitiser stations will be located at entries, exits and strategic locations throughout the event.

  12. No less than 20 COVID Marshals will be present at the event at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via