Spectacular Shows

Our 2023 Shows

Wonggayerlo: Footprints in the Sand

Karno Martin and Michael Mills present 'Wonggayerlo: Footprints in the Sand'. 'Wonggayerlo' is the story of two men from different cultures who meet in the 1800s. One, a custodian of country and the other, a newly arrived British colonist and naturalist. Engaging, entertaining and an educational piece, 'Wonggayerlo' will impress with it's story-telling about connection of cultures & nature.

Dr Quark's Scientific Circus

In this high energy show Dr Quark explores the science and forces behind the circus tricks we all love. While performing feats of unicycling, juggling, rolla bolla and plate spinning, Dr Quark demonstrates the effects of gravity, momentum, friction, air pressure, energy transfer and push and pull forces.

Nitro Nat – Supreme States of Matter with Liquid Nitrogen Show

Using Liquid Nitrogen, we journey through how cooling different materials changes them. We'll explore solids, liquids and gasses and even plasma in the form of fire. We will be smashing, crushing and making a salad using our super cool liquid (its cool cause its very cold). Let us see what happens to lettuce when it meets nitrogen.

Animals Anonymous Wildlife Show with Adrian Sherriff

With presentations designed to inspire a connection with the natural world as well as an appreciation for our unique and often fragile wildlife, Animals Anonymous engage children in a genuine, hands-on experience that leaves them with a sense of hope and knowing that they can make a positive environmental impact through biodiversity development and habitat preservation.