Our 2023 challenges came with a resource sheet for your learner - just click the title of interest to access the pdfs

CLICK HERE for Fleet Exosphere Challenge

Do you want to understand the connection between space & mineral exploration? Improve your knowledge about waves playing with a Moire pattern animation illusion; bring it to the event & take part in the Exosphere Challenge. Place your Geode in the sand, connect to the satellite, analyse the data, & beat everyone to the punch identifying the minerals hidden in the sandpit! Exploration is changing!

CLICK HERE for Lockheed Martin Australia - Da Vinci Bridge Build

Be a Structural Engineer! Structural engineers are a specialized type of civil engineer. They focus on designing strong buildings that can support their own weight and the weight of everything in them while also standing up to forces of wind, weather, temperature, and earthquakes. Just like Da Vinci, work to build a bridge holding a weight! Are you up for the challenge?

CLICK HERE for - Pipeline Challenge

This is an opportunity for intrepid learners to test their engineering skills as they build their own pipeline to transport a golf ball or a ping pong ball across the purpose-built, Science Alive! pipeline arena. What ingenious method will you and your team use to get to the end?