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Fleet Exosphere Challenge

ExoSphere is a tool that uses Geode, a satellite-enabled seismometer, to search for important minerals (such as gold and copper) in remote locations. This is an opportunity to understand the connection between space and mineral exploration, beamforming technology on satellites, the Geodes, and how these together have built Exosphere.

Premiers Reading Challenge

STEM Reading and Design Challenge - Our Sustainable Future. The Premier’s Reading Challenge and partners are teaming up again to challenge students to read about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in the lead up to National Science Week. Projects will be on show at STEM Day Out!

Teacher Resource Kit

Download your resource kit here! All the information you require to ensure STEM Day Out is a success from start to finish for you and your students.


The passport competition is back at STEM Day Out. Download & print a blank Careers & Innovations Trail Passport for each of your participating students by clicking the title. Participation in this activity will direct students on a journey through the Pavilions, giving them a more full experience of Science Alive! with a chance to discuss interests, future study areas & career opportunities.


There are over 2,000 public car parks on-site. Entry from Goodwood or Greenhill Roads arterial roads. The Adelaide Showground uses Automated Parking technology, with Paystations located in strategic positions to enable payment on the way to your car. Credit card facilities available in Paystations and on exit. All Bus Parking access is via Rose Terrace. Download the map by clicking "Parking".

Challenge Worksheets

Our student challenges all come with a teacher resource sheet linking the activity to current curriculum. Encourage your learners to investigate STEM in the every day world in a fun and hands on way. Download all sheets by selecting the "Challenge Worksheet" title.

Lockheed Martin Australia - Hold the Load Challenge

Be a Structural Engineer! Structural engineers are a specialized type of civil engineer. They focus on designing strong buildings that can support their own weight and the weight of everything in them while also standing up to forces of wind, weather, temperature, and earthquakes. Work in teams to develop a free standing structure, 20cm tall min & holding a weight! Are you up for the challenge?

Babcock - Pipeline Challenge

How do engineers develop pipeline systems to transport water over very long distances? This is an opportunity for intrepid learners to test their engineering skills as they build their own pipeline to transport a golf ball or a ping pong ball across the purpose-built, Science Alive! pipeline arena. What ingenious method will you and your team use to get to the end?

SA Power Networks - Stobie Pole Art Challenge

In this challenge, students design an artwork to attach to a Stobie Pole that tells a story or shares a message about renewable energy. As a group, increase awareness about sustainability and/or renewable energy in a positive way.