Hands-on science and technology

Our 2022 Exhibits

Hackerspace Adelaide

Do you love all forms of technology, electronics, programming, 3D printing, modifying tech and building stuff? Then you'll love what our members have been up to! We have a life size K9, retro video games, 3D printers, air cannon and lots of other creations.


University of Enterprise - Technology is evolving more rapidly than we would have ever thought possible. The University of South Australia is meeting future challenges through cutting-edge research and the education of tomorrow’s professionals.

VR Zone

An exciting and interactive space where visitors can discover how Virtual Reality can be used not only in the gaming world but to deliver immersive learning opportunities for students of all ages. Discover firsthand how VR consolidates learning and strengthens knowledge retention, through captivating and engaging experiences – ways not possible with books, pictures or videos.

Andy Thomas Space Foundation (ATSF)

The Andy Thomas Space Foundation (ATSF), is dedicated to supporting the education and outreach goals of the Australian national space program. Named in honour of Australian born and educated NASA astronaut, Dr Andrew Thomas AO, we aim to make space accessible for all. Come down and have a chat to our friendly team about your next step to a career in space!

Lockheed Martin

We have many interactive displays presenting some of our industry leading projects and the engineering behind them. One of these displays is our professional flight simulators showcasing Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky Aircraft including the famous F-35, MH-60K Black Hawk and many more!

Micro X

Micro-X’s engineering expertise is on display, showcasing the reduction in size and weight of a CNT x-ray tube when compared to a conventional x-ray tube. The team will also have their Rover on display - a full performance, digital, mobile medical x-ray imager! Visitors are able to experience the maneuverability, flexibility & extreme mobility of the product and ask questions of the team.

Bresser Junior

Meet the team from Bresser Junior! Expand your horizon and get hands on with their amazing microscopes, metal detectors, binoculars and interactive globes as you try to spot hidden items around the pavilion!

Australian Space Discovery Centre

Landing at STEM Day Out for the first time, the Australian Space Discovery Centre aims to inspire the next generation of the space workforce with stories of innovation, curiosity and technology. Meet the real people of the space industry and immerse yourself in hands-on activities that are out of this world!


Have you ever wondered how we remove salt from sea water? Did you know that desalinating a litre of sea water costs about the same in energy terms as the cost of electricity required to run a kitchen appliance such as a bar fridge, for an hour! Join the Osmoflow team of engineers and technicians to learn about the ever developing and incredible solutions to complex water treatment projects.

SA Water

Visit the SA Water team for an interactive look at what not to flush! It’s simple - if it’s not (toilet) paper, pee or poo, do not flush it down the loo. Learn amazing facts about SA Water’s sewer cleaning program, how water travels around SA and see their museum of gross things that have been flushed down the loo! You can also experience a VR headset and talk tech with SA Water engineers.

Oliphant Science Awards

Providing opportunity to explore, participate & engage in science. The Oliphant Science Awards is an annual competition for South Australian school students that aims to support, encourage and celebrate science education within South Australian schools. The competition is open to students in Reception to year 12 and includes a range of categories to suit a wide variety of abilities and interests.

GooRoo Animation

GooRoo Animation workshops give kids the opportunity to create their own Claymation and Lego Animation movies. Get a taste of what it's like with our 10-minute movie challenge at Science Alive. Participants will learn how to bring their clay or Lego characters to life using the magic of stop-motion animation.


We are a festival of ideas that, by making use of the government data available to the public, create projects that better our lives and communities. We invite creative individuals to challenge themselves, explore their skills and be part of the response to challenging problems ... empower - enable - connect

Soapbox Science

No middle man, no PowerPoint slide, no amphitheatre – just remarkable women and non-binary scientists who will amaze you with their latest discoveries, and answer the science questions you have been burning to ask. Look out for bat simulators, interactive experiments or giant pictures of volcanoes. Hear about what fascinates them, and why they think they have the most fantastic job in the world!

Scientific Expedition Group

At the Scientific Expedition Group’s exhibit learn how a mammal and reptile trap-line works on a biological survey. You can also learn about the importance of ants in the natural world and find and count elusive stick insects in their natural habitat.

Astronomical Society of SA

Visit us for interactive activities; tour the solar system, view the surface of the sun or solve a deep space mystery. The Astronomical Society of South Australia is the oldest society of its kind in Australia. It is the only representative body for amateur astronomy in SA. A must experience for budding astronomers of all ages.

Student Robotics Club of SA/Robo Roos

The Student Robotics Club of SA are joining us again to share their common interest of robots! Come and operate their lego robot challenge table or try your hand at the Tech Challenge field. Young STEM learners will love the robotics competition on offer!

Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology

Who doesn’t love food? Discover the importance of food with The Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology! With a range of unique displays and engaging activities you will understand the science and technology behind your food. Come and visit to uncover everything food from food science, technology and engineering to nutrition and everything in between!


Neuplex will take you through the curious world of tiling puzzles. You'll be able to solve puzzles or you can challenge yourself to create NEW puzzles & patterns. While tiling puzzles are fun for kids & students, Neuplex will also provide tips and tricks for teachers to design learning activities to help engage and challenge students. Come and put your puzzle solving skills to the test at Neuplex!

Seismological Association of Australia Inc

Earthquakes can make buildings fall down and set off landslides. Would you like to understand the Earth’s shakes, rattles and rolls? Say hi to the volunteers at the Seismological Association of Australia exhibit and witness real time live feeds of earthquakes occurring around the South Pacific. You may even get to feel the effects of an earthquake on city buildings!

South Australian Lego Users Group

Come and see members of the South Australian Lego user group and their creations. There will be moving parts, educational learning and mind blowing creations. Guaranteed to please both young and old.


Explore lasers and discover how we detect black holes and gravitational waves. Explore space in our VR headsets. Chat with our researchers and PhD students about careers in astrophysics. Space iPad games for the younger audience, plus stickers and fun sheets to giveaway.

Tutor Doctor

'We meet our students where they are, to get them where they need to go'. Supporting your child on their learning journey and inspiring them to reach their full potential is how we roll! Meet with us and let us demonstrate just how we open minds to the amazing world of learning.

Australian Society for Medical Research

"The ASMR is the peak professional society representing Australian health and medical research." Visit our informative and interactive display aimed at every enthusiastic mini scientist. We'll share a variety of information from science careers and STEM pathways to human anatomy models, puzzles, a collection of test tubes, specimen jars, beakers, pipetting skills and bacteria.

Nutrition Society of Australia

Let us inspire and empower healthy eating in your world. Join us to learn about the digestive system, play games to create a healthy lunch box or guess the names of unusual fruit and vegetables. We’ll be sharing all things food and kids to make nutrition fun!

Adelaide Rover Team

On Mars, rovers have been searching for evidence of water and are seeking signs of ancient life. Rovers will be used to support humans who live and work on Mars. Visit our stand and test your skill driving a ‘rover’ on a designed Martian landscape.

Makerspace Adelaide

If you can think it, you can make and share it! Makerspace Adelaide is a fabrication workshop which brings together a vibrant mix of makers, hackers, creative groups & individuals to make, create, teach, learn and collaborate. 3D Resin printing is one of our newest and exciting additions! We are looking forward to sharing our skills with the next generation of inventors, makers and entrepreneurs!

Army Drone Racing

The Army Drone Racing Team will be at Science Alive! Flying racing drones and demonstrating the use of drones in real world solutions. Come and fly a drone with us!!

KESAB Environmental Solutions

Creating sustainable communities through education, action and participation since 1966 Let us help you set up and maintain a compost system or worm farm. Find out what can be recycled in your kerbside recycling bin and what can be recycled at a special location. Learn how to make your own hand-made paper and gain an understanding of the links to recycling and environmental sustainability.

Soil Science Australia

Visit us to plant seeds, try some soil pigment painting, look through microscopes and make a mini clay house. Soil science is a fascinating and diverse field, which provides young learners with many interesting experiences. Learn some fun facts about the amazing and important world of soil!

Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA)

Are you passionate about helping the planet and have a love for cars and technology? Then come and see the Australian Electrical Vehicle Association! You will be able to experience the tremendous world of electric vehicles and discover everything you need to know, from batteries and charging to how electric cars work. Don’t miss the motor display model too!

Smoking Cannons

Ring vortex generators certainly pull a crowd! We'll demonstrate that air really does occupy space in a cool, hands on demonstration. Give it a try yourself and if you ask the right questions, you just might be able to create a smaller version at home.

Ignite VR

Experience the potential of virtual reality! Immerse yourself in a new world using state of the art equipment with highly skilled technicians. It's an experience you won't forget. You'll engage your senses and learn something new too! Don't miss the Ignite VR team for a fun filled, educational experience.

Tall Poppy

The Tall Poppy Campaign recognises the achievements of Australian scientists through the prestigious annual Young Tall Poppy Science Awards. The Campaign’s Tall Poppies engages the winners of Young Tall Poppy Science Awards (‘Tall Poppies’) in activities to promote interest in science among students & teachers, as well as an understanding and appreciation of science in the broader community.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is Australia's most awarded 3D animation, game design and visual FX educator. AIE courses are practical, career-focused and delivered by industry experienced teachers in a seriously fun and creatively-demanding studio environment. We are hands-on, industry specialists!

Scuba Divers Federation of South Australia

Scuba Divers Federation of South Australia are promoting diving for science and recreation to the next generation of scuba, free-divers and snorkelers. Encouraging the conservation, enhancement and rehabilitation of the marine and freshwater environments. Visit us to see a working demonstration of scuba equipment and experience marine sanctuaries with our friends at EMS.