Crazy Challenges at Science Alive!


Our 2022 challenges came with a resource sheet for your learner - just click the title of interest to access the pdfs

Australian Space Discovery Centre & Hamilton Secondary College - SCRAP Challenge

Ignite the design and engineering creativity in your learner! Have them design, construct and launch a paper rocket using the guide provided. Construct your rocket at school and bring it to the SCRAP Challenge launch zone or construct it onsite. Will your rocket launch successfully?!

Lockheed Martin - Hold the Load Challenge

Be a Structural Engineer! Structural engineers are a specialized type of civil engineer. They focus on designing strong buildings that can support their own weight and the weight of everything in them while also standing up to forces of wind, weather, temperature, and earthquakes. Work in teams to develop a free standing structure, 20cm tall min & holding a weight! Are you up for the challenge?

SA Water - Pipeline Challenge

How do engineers develop pipeline systems to transport water over very long distances? This is an opportunity for intrepid learners to test their engineering skills as they build their own pipeline to transport a golf ball or a ping pong ball across the purpose-built, Science Alive! pipeline arena. What ingenious method will you and your team use to get to the end?

MindSharp - Tiling

Tiling is deceptively simple - or is it?! In this challenge, you'll utilise your design and engineering skills, putting geometric pieces together to make a square or a rectangle. Challenge yourself and your friends to complete a square with 14 given pieces as fast as you can.

UniSA - Mousetrap Racers

You can do more with a mousetrap than just catch pesky mice! Build a car powered by a mousetrap and race it on the Science Alive! racetrack. Build your mousetrap racer either at school or home and bring it along to Science Alive! We’ll also have a limited number of racers for you to compare differences in wheel sizes, wheel material and rolling resistance.

Bresser - Spaghetti Tower Challenge

In a race against the clock, your team must construct a tower using only marshmallows and dried spaghetti! Put your problem-solving skills to the test and work together as a team to build the tallest and strongest structure. The spaghetti provides the framework for the tower and the marshmallows are used to connect the spaghetti. Your tower must stand unaided for 30 seconds.

Lot 14 - Paper Plane Challenge

Are you a budding paper engineer? Test your skills as you fold, flip and fly your way to victory in the Science Alive! Paper Plane Challenge. Build your own paper plane and then put it through its paces in the purpose-built paper plane arena. Be in the running to be named the Champion for longest distance flown.